SALEM-Transitários internacionais e insulares, Lda. 

This will be the company which will do the bike transport by sea. Below are the dropoff locations and terms:


Rua da Guiné 9-r/c, Prior Velho 2685-336 PRIOR VELHO

Tel: 219 429 800


Rua Estrada Armz 7 Crestins - Maia 4470-600 MAIA

Tel: 229 438 000


-Drop off until 15days before

If you choose to drop off after,  external circumstances may occur and the delivery of the bike can be delayed and may not be on land in time of the race.


-25€ one way

-50€ round trip

-The payment is done directly with the shipping company upon drop off.

-Payment should be done in full, if you choose for a round trip.

-The organization can deliver your bike to the shipping company after the race, if you notify us in advance.

Bike Case:

-The bikes should be on a bike bag or;

-In a cardboard box with the fowlling dimensions :160cmx25cmx80cm aprox.

-The bike bag/box shoud have the owner/athelete identification on the outside.

-The bike bag/box  should be already closed/locked

-ID will be need to print a receipt for pick off at Ponta Delgada.

Send to:

Monbike (Margurte Lda)

 Rua Azores Park, Azores Parque Retail Park - Armazém 2.7, 9500-794 S.Roque


Shipping is the athelete/sender entirely responsability, as we advise purshing a travel damage insurace. The shipping company will only offer a "total lost" insurance option.


At this point we do not have an official airline partner, this is just an advise from the organizers based on their travel experience.

-The Azores Airlines, so far are the best option if you choose to travel with your bike. The airline will give you a total of 33kg of weight allowance, which is more or less, your bike bag+bike+riding gear and still be able to bring a carry on bag up to 8kg with your daily clothes. All of this included in your normal ticket price.

- Excess weight luggage will be priced at a rate of 4€/kg

For more detailed info follow the link