MARCH 2020



Every year, a small village in the Azores, São Miguel island named Faial da Terra, celebrates their commitment to develop mountain bike trails to boost local economy.

Bike Safari Tour with Monbike bike shop, are organizing a enduro bike festival to celebrate their hard work and commitment.

Two days of enduro bike racing, 9 stages total, racers will experience a wide variety of terrain from, slippery dirt to cobblestone, purposely built trails to ancient trails left by the Portuguese settlers and farmers, finishing the weekend with a barbecue party with craft beer.



Training Days

There will be two free practice days. 26 and 27 of March 2020.

Participants will be free to train the trails of the race.

Race Days

The race days will the 28 and 29 of March 2020.

Participants will race a total of 9 stages in main categories or 6 stages in the open category

After Race Party

After the race and prize ceremony a party, will be held, with food and drink will be free for the participants and 10€ for their plus 1


Full Event Entry:

Access to full race, welcome dinner, shuttle to and from the airport in Ponta Delgada, after race barbecue and azorean beer lunch and an event T-Shirt.





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +351 910 131 361 or fill out the following form.

Monbike Bike Store

Rua Azores Park, Armazém 2.7, 9500-702, Azores

Tel: 296 642 265


1º Phase of entries:
July 15th- September 31st
40 entries available
2º Phase of entries:
October 1st- January 31st
30 entries available
3º Phase of entries:
January 1st - March 2nd
30 entries available

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